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Space Themed Q & A: Maids


Newcastle’s quirky power-pop outfit Maids have just released a brand new single Girl Power and announced an east coast tour to celebrate. With a successful EP and a string of singles under their belt, we thought we’d see how the band would cope in surviving in space and what their first planet colonising words would be!

If you were Matt Damon in ‘The Martian’ and were left behind on Mars, would you try to return home or try and continue surviving on your own?

Well, if I were Matt Damon (not his character) I’d probably die either way…cause I’m just an actor lost in space. Poor Matt Damon!

Do you think there is life On Mars?

Can’t be bothered thinking about it. It’s kind of like wondering if there is a God (pointless)…if it is proved then I’ll listen and think about it then.

You have met an alien, would you befriend, control it, or destroy it?

Depends if it tries to befriend, control me, or destroy me.

If you colonised a planet what would you call it and what would be on it?

Earth 2 (I dunno). Less government, more freedom, education that is the opposite to altruism. Getting tired of people’s self loathing/judgments/fear. I’d like to live in a place where loving yourself is a virtue and not called “selfish” or “arrogant” blah blah blah.

Youre going into outer space, whats your lucky charm and whats the one album you take with you?

I’d take an acoustic guitar and a copy of ‘Revolver’ by The Beatles.

Would you nominate yourself as captain of the space shuttle or be part of the first landing party?

I’d just be the guy that tells everyone they’re doing a great job and drink milkshakes.

You are the first person to set foot on a new planet, what is the first victorious statement you make?

“Yew!” or “F*ckiinnnnn sicccckkkk”.

Your recent single Girl Power is pretty tongue-in-cheek, what was the inspiration behind the track?

Ok! Girl Power is about a girl turning a guy down in a nightclub. I wanted to represent an empowered female in music. I find this rare, most of the time females are being sexually objectified.

For the uninitiated, how you do describe Maids sound?

Aggressive and fun. At the moment I find a lot of music super boring – most of it is based around sonics, so a lot of chilled out synth sounds are in, usually accompanied by an overly silky vocal. For me, that vibe is getting super tired and over used so I want to start pushing music that has a punk base with a party attitude. Sooner or later people are going to get sick of folding their arms at electronic shows or soft indie shows, and I’d like to be there to provide music that allows people to let loose and jump around.

Lastly, whats the craziest moment been on the tour so far?

“Pingers and playin” – Always the most fun!

Maids ‘Girl Power’ Tour

Miami Shark Bar, Gold Coast
The Milk Factory, Brisbane
The Small Ballroom, Newcastle