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Sunny Luwe Lights Up The Sky With Her Latest Offering, ‘Summer Kisses’

Kombumerri/Gold Coast-based first nations artist Sunny Luwe has today revealed her captivating new single, Summer Kisses. The new single follows on from her upbeat single, Fly Like A Bird.

Sunny Luwe gracefully brings the warmth of summer into our winter with the irresistible charm of Summer Kisses. This enchanting masterpiece not only highlights her extraordinary vocal prowess but also intertwines velvety layers of vocals, delicate harmonies, and a delivery that gracefully glides between spoken word and a soul-stirring vocal style. Crafted with love in a cozy home studio, this musical gem underwent a transformative journey, capturing the very essence of the song’s inherent sweetness.

In a harmonious collaboration with Matt Collins of WHARVES, Sunny Luwe discovered an ideal musical alliance to breathe life into the enchanting world of Summer Kisses. Their creative synergy shines through the dreamlike instrumentation and euphoric melodies, effortlessly whisking listeners away to idyllic sunlit days. This buoyant and delightful composition beckons you to tread barefoot, surrendering to its radiant and soothing ambience, immersing yourself in the soothing allure of its indie-folk allure.

Summer Kisses is another wonderful tune from Sunny Luwe, her grand songwriting and impressive feel-good delivery is sure to put a smile on your face. This one is available now, everywhere.

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June 25 – Creekfest, Currumbin QLD

August 5 – Bleach* Festival, North Burleigh

Written by Chris Lamaro