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Super Ghost Light It Up With Their New Single, ‘Friendless’

Gold Coast indie-rockers, Super Ghost have returned today, unveiling their dynamic new single, Friendless. The new jam follows on from their recent single, Don’t Talk About It.

Building upon an extraordinary year in 2022 and the resounding triumph of their debut EP Left For Dust in 2021, Super Ghost continues to astound listeners with their latest offering, Friendless. This polished gem delves into the intricate odyssey that unfolds when individuals find themselves disconnected from their core values and hesitant to acknowledge their need for support. With raw and evocative lyrics, Friendless fearlessly confronts the stigma surrounding mental health, illuminating the hurdles that emerge when pride becomes a barrier to seeking the assistance we truly require. Super Ghost’s poignant exploration resonates deeply, offering solace and understanding to those navigating their own unique battles.

“‘Friendless’ is a powerful exploration of the emotional journey individuals experience when they disconnect from their own values and struggle to admit their need for help. It confronts the complexity of mental health, addressing the stigma surrounding it and the difficulties that arise when someone is too proud to acknowledge their struggles.”  – Hudson MacMahon, Super Ghost.

Complementing the song’s captivating melody, Super Ghost intertwines a labyrinthine musical arrangement with poignant lyrics that beckon listeners to introspect upon their personal journeys with mental health challenges. Through their evocative words, they illuminate the significance of acknowledging the need for assistance when it arises. The twisting melody serves as a metaphorical mirror, reflecting the intricacies of the human psyche and encouraging profound contemplation. Super Ghost’s composition serves as a heartfelt reminder that seeking support is not only vital but also a courageous step towards healing and growth.

Alexander Shoesmith, reflecting on the song, adds, “‘Friendless’ is our most emotive song to date. It explores the damage that can result from mental breakdowns, particularly in those who are strong, stubborn, and proud. When grappling with personal struggles, it can be tempting to push away loved ones and attribute one’s own shortcomings to others. However, this cycle can be never-ending and exhausting. ‘Friendless’ is a reflection on the aftermath of a collapse, wondering if we can help rebuild without enduring further pain.”

Once again Super Ghost continue to wow and turn heads with their exceptional ability to deliver genre-bending tunes. Friendless is available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro