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Take 5 With Madoc Plane

Perth/Boorloo artist Madoc Plane today released his debut EP ‘Own Worst Enemy’ & taken some time to highlight artists he’s loving in his local music scene.

Following on from three previous singles, the 4-piece EP showcases Plane’s musical prowess, effortlessly dancing between genres. Ambient pop-soul and textural jazz underpin the EP that covers a variety of personal struggles- he explains: “The EP explores themes such as low self-esteem, anxiety, and overthinking. At the time of writing these songs I wasn’t my usual confident self, which I guess is displayed in the lyricism of the EP. I think that writing based on these self-critical themes was somewhat therapeutic for me, allowing me to be more honest with myself and to reflect on my experiences from a different perspective.”

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Read below to learn Madoc Plane’s top 5 artists in Perth at the moment:


“Over the past couple years, Christian and the Supathick crew have really pushed the rnb/soul to a whole new level in the Perth music scene. With Keely’s unbelievable vocals leading them, their live set is as dynamic and polished as any other band I’ve seen and I can’t wait to see where they take things in 2023.”


“Another Perth group driving the local rnb scene. Their style shows hints of funk, soul and pop, and their song-writing incorporates these styles in a perfectly measured way. Love what they are doing at the moment!”


“Just an amazing group of people who are making some very cool music. If their upcoming music is anything like their psych-rock single, Wasteland, then I’m fooken excited.”


“Groove kings. These guys are so much fun to listen to and to watch perform. By incorporating sax into their tunes they add a layer of vibe that is a stand-out in the local scene. Seriously, shoutout to Perth muso’s killing it out here.”

Rein Mali: 

“Keep an eye out for this neo-soul superstar. This legend is one of the most talented songwriters I’ve ever met and his yet-to-be-released original music shows off his unmatched vocal range and powerful writing style. He is about to go crazy on y’all.”


Catch Madoc Plane live at Tone City Records ‘In Dreams’ festival next weekend- tickets below!


Tone City Records Festival

Rosemount Hotel, Boorloo/Perth, WA, November 5th

With DICE, Supathick, Nectar, Siobhan Cotchin, Romeo Walker & other local acts


Written by Alice Powell