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The Helters Have Absolutely Smashed It With Their Return To The Scene, ‘Gaslighting The End Times’

UK based Alt-Rockers The Helters have hit a home run with their latest track ‘Gaslighting The End Times’.

Formed in South-West London back in 2016, the five-piece has a sound influenced by the likes of Pixies, Smashing Pumpkins, Stone Roses, Gender Roles and Interpol. After releasing a bunch of tracks, playing prestigious local venues and achieving upload of the week on BBC Introducing, they took a break.

The band created some seriously cool stuff before their hiatus in 2018, but this new single is hands-down our favourite. Flexing their indie-rock know-how gained over the years, this track gets you up and moving within the first five seconds with soaring vocals, crashing drums and electrifying guitars taking centre stage.

The chorus captures the wild energy of a thrashing mosh pit at your favourite grubby-but-cherished venue and then combines it with thoughtful lyrics and carefully constructed arrangement, creating something pretty magic indeed.


Recorded at Hollow Home Studios, the track tells the story of a real-life couple close to the band: “This song is based on the relationship between a friend and their partner. It’s a bit close to home so we can’t go into too much detail, but they have a fiery relationship, to say the least. The song was inspired by a particular argument they had.”

They go on to candidly say: “we had to present the song to our friend who it’s written about for his approval. I don’t think the was over the moon about it…”

Luckily for us, that friend allowed them to go ahead with it, bringing us the banger that is ‘Gaslighting The End Times’.

Give it a listen now and see what all the fuss is about!

Written by Alice Powell