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Under The Sea Q & A: Vera Blue

Vera Blue Feature

Sydney-based songstress Celia Pavey, better known as Vera Blue, is gearing up for three-city tour in support of her latest vocal-driven electronic masterpiece Settle. We asked Vera how she’d approach living in an aquatic environment and about her upcoming EP ‘Fingertips’.

You’re living under the sea, where’s the best place to inhabit?

Inside a really big comfy pretty shell, with pink fluffy cushion and plenty of chocolate…because sharks are flipping scary and I’d prefer not to ever cross paths with one.

Who do you make friends with, the gang from Finding Nemo or the princesses from The Little Mermaid?

The little mermaid for sure, she’s actually my twin!

Do you have any cool skills you’ve been honing, like holding your breath for a really long time or the ability to speak whale?

I have this skill where I can magically turn myself into anything or anyone. I love impersonations and acting, also if I need to swim a long way to visit my sea friends, I can just turn myself into seaweed so the sharks don’t eat me.

Which sea creature do you most want to become or identify as?

One of those glowing colourful jellyfish!! They are so beautiful, gracefully floating about just being all like “yeah I’m red, now I’m green…Oooo Check out my aqua, I’m so attractive”.

Who or what is your food?

Chocolate… Humans send it down to me in a lil box.

Where’s the coolest hang out spot, Nemo’s anemone or in an Octopus’ Garden?

Octopus’ garden for sure, because the Octopus cook delicious chocolate cookies.

We love the smooth and sultry vocals in Hold and Settle, what can we expect from your debut EP ‘Fingertips’?

This EP is about love, heartbreak and moving forward. So you’ll come across many different emotions through listening (I hope) I use my voice in different ways depending on what I’m feeling for each song. The production can feel angsty at times and also smooth and gentle at others. Lyrically it’s all very honest and real, which can make it quite challenging to perform, but I do love every second of it.

You kick off your ‘Fingertips’ Headline tour this month, why should people come down and check out your show?

I believe that the sound is fresh and interesting. The blend of folk and electronica I think is really cool. I just want to make people feel something through listening to my music.

Who were you most excited to see on the Splendour in the Grass lineup?

James Blake, he is a god!

Vera Blue ‘Fingertips’ Tour
Supported by Matt Gresham

Shebeen Bandroom, Melbourne
Sheebeen Bandroom, Melbourne
Shebeen Bandroom, Melbounre
Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane
Plan B Small Club, Sydney
Newtown Social Club, Sydney