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Wild Q & A: Mark Piccles from ‘A.D.K.O.B’


Sydney alt-electro quartet A.D.K.O.B have been going from strength to strength since the release of their debut EP ‘A Different Kind Of Busy’. On the back of single Glue receiving national airplay they’ve supported Sticky Fingers and Montaigne, and are now about embark on headline tour in support of their latest single Ghost. We asked frontman Mark Piccles how he’d take on the wild and a few questions about ‘A Different Of Busy’.

What is your spirit animal? 

A stick insect. Because until I move most people mistake me for a fallen branch.

If an animal’s mating call had to be your voice for a week, which animal’s call would you choose?

I think I would go with a Rob Thomas “Well it’s a hot one” mating call. It doesn’t attract too many mates, but it’s a joy to cry out across restaurants and public houses.

If you crash-landed and found yourself on a deserted island (Castaway style), which band member would be the new Bear Grylls, and who would become as useful as Wilson?

Harry would be our Bear Grylls. His ability to fit countless instrument cases into small vehicles, build stand options for our various instruments, and penchant for making great film clips would translate best into coconut Nintendo making. He would build an amazing tropical portaloo I imagine. I would be Wilson, I don’t say much and my head is pretty round.

Which band member thinks they have the ability for a King of The Jungle battle between them and King Kong?

Man, we get asked this one EVERY interview…Jane, she’s chillex and all, but there’s fire in the belly when it comes to giant gorillas challenging her existence.

If David Attenborough, with his husky soothing voice, could read you any bedtime story, what story would you choose for the glorious man?

These questions are ludicrous! I would like to hear him make up a bedtime story on the spot, based on three keywords of my choosing. The words would be ‘Pirates’, ‘Custard’, and ‘Microsoft’. Good luck!

For the uninitiated, how do you describes A.D.K.O.B’s sound and live shows?

I find it hard to describe A.D.K.O.B but I usually say “Lo Fi Pop”. It’s kind of vague but hey, so am I. Live, we just have as much fun as we can, and when we are lucky it rubs off on the crowd. One out of five shows we do progressive metal versions of the songs…it’s a lucky dip.

How important was/is winning the triple j unearthed spot to open Sydney’s 2016 Laneway Festival?

Hard to say in regards to “Importance”. All I can really say it was a massive shock, a huge honour, and a surreal experience. I’m still amazed we got to do it.

Lastly, what are three things people should know about your EP ‘A Different Of Busy’?

  1. It took many versions of the songs to get it right – There are 37 versions of Crumble.
  2. I drank an entire bottle of red wine before I did the vocals to Glue, and I’m not really a heavy drinker. To add to this I broke a pair of headphones in frustration because I didn’t think I had the takes. Sober me discovered the following day that I did!
  3. It was almost going to be called ‘Medoh’. I don’t know why, and I’m really glad it isn’t called ‘Medoh’.

ADKOB ‘Ghost’ Tour
w/ Owen Rabbit

Moonshine, Manly
The Brightside, Brisbane
The Basement (After Dark Bar), Canberra
Brighton Up Bar, Sydney
Rad, Wollongong
The Lass O’gowrie, Newcastle
Sosueme @ Beach Road Hotel, Bondi
Cats @ Rocket Bar, Adelaide
The Workers Club, Melbourne

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Written by Jess Martyn