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Yorke Shares Fun New Visual For Track ‘Nights We Waste’

Byron Bay indie-pop musician Yorke this week released a playful music video for one of her latest tracks ‘Nights we waste’.

This video is released off the back of her debut EP ‘Liberosis’ that dropped in March, featuring seven tracks that provide an insightful look at a chapter of her life. Yorke has become known for her lyrics that comment on the chaos of the coming-of-age transition and the issues faced in early adolescence. Raw emotions are central to Yorke’s artistry, where she pairs relatable lyrics with hypnotising vocals to ultimately create radiant, cinematic sounds.

Filmed during isolation, the video for ‘Nights we waste’ includes a stack of other Aussie creatives including Approachable Members Of Your Local Community, Doolie, Eilish Gilligan, Hauskey, Japanese Wallpaper, Wolfjay and more. It features intimate and honest shots of the artists participating in standard isolation activities such as cutting their own hair, playing music in their bedrooms, reading books and plenty of drinking. The video shows these mundane activities in an exciting way- it is simultaneously chill yet electric, soothing yet stirring.


Yorke explains how she developed the concept of the video during isolation after speaking to a few fellow artists “who noted they feel a big pressure to be creative, when they really just want to take a time out”. Filmed and edited by Jack Alexander (Wolfjay) the video reflects the tracks message of being in the moment, with the artist considering it to be a breath of fresh air on the EP. Highlighting one particular lyric in the song: “honestly we’re holding onto things we can’t control”, Yorke explains that “it’s the acknowledgement that yes, things are out of your hands and you’re just going to have to accept that”- a sentiment that serves as a much-needed reminder for the time we’re in.

Although her planned tour dates have been postponed due to the Coronavirus outbreak, be sure to keep your eye on Yorke for more new content and news.

Check out the video for ‘Nights we waste’ and stream the rest of the Liberosis EP now!

Written by Alice Powell