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Young Blood Q & A: Quintessential Doll

Quintessential Doll

Quintessential Doll is the moniker of producer and multi-instrumentalist Steph Linsdell. The extremely talented artist writes, performs, records, and produces her own music and already has a Queensland Music Award under her belt for 2014 single Live Like I’m Dying. We got to know Linsdell ahead of her set at The Triffid’s Young Bloods #2, the ‘Beats Edition’.

How did you become interested in electronic music and production?

I’ve been writing songs ever since I was a teenager and I wanted to record my own music, so I taught myself production and recording techniques by buying a computer and experimenting on Logic and Ableton.

For the uninitiated, how do you describe your sound and live shows?

My sound is dark and industrial. I’m a one-woman band: I sing, play synths/violin/guitar/drum pads and manipulate electronic elements live. I stay pretty busy on stage, and I try to look somewhat coordinated when I dance.

What was your first ever show like?

It was in front of about five people at around 4pm in the afternoon and it was one of the most terrifying experiences in my life because I was so shy. Fortunately I’m a lot better at playing live now. Well, at least I’m slightly less petrified to be singing into a microphone in front of other people…

How would your ultimate headline show go down?

Dancing. Lots of dancing.

If your blood could be any colour other than crimson, what would you choose?

Black. Black is badass.

What are you top 5 party anthems?

Just a Gent feat. LANKS Heavy as a Heartbreak, Grimes; Kill V Maim, Hermitude’s The Buzz, The Preset’s My People, and MO’s Kamikaze.

If you could be any type of vampire, what would you be?

One that would NOT burst into flames in sunlight. I’d have the ability to manipulate people’s bodies and thoughts with my mind. I’d also have the ability to fight and use weapons whilst wearing high heels and cool clothes. (A vampire girl’s gotta look stylish fighting her enemies.)

Who’s your dream artist to collaborate with?

Grimes, because she’s an incredible producer and seems like the coolest person on the planet. That said, I’d probably be too nervous to ever work with her. 

Lastly, what are three things people should know about your next release?

Well, I released my single Beautiful Violence back in March. Beautiful Violence was self-recorded and self-produced but I got Haxx from the band Deja to mix it because I love his work. I recently collaborated with Haxx and Rromarin from Deja on my next single. I’ll preview it by playing it live for the first time in Brisbane on 20th May at The Triffid. Hopefully I get to release it before the year is out!

Quintessential Doll will play alongside Capre and Georgia Mae at The Triffid’s Young Blood #2 ‘Beats Editon’, event info below!

Young Blood #2 ‘Beats Edition’
Proudly Sponsored by AAA Backstage

The Triffid, Brisbane

Get Tickets HERE and Facebook Event HERE

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