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Immerse Yourself In Exhibitionist’s Silky Pop On ‘Sway’


There’s an unbridled sense of magic to Exhibitionist’s music. Silky and sickly sweet, Sway is here latest released via Future Classic and has seemingly propelled her to greater heights.

We first caught wind of Exhibitionist’s divine voice when layered against Willaris. K‘s gritty lo-fi garage production on her previous tune, Hands. It proved her extreme versatility as an artist, producer and songwriter. On Sway, she amplifies all those traits tenfold—leaving us with an atmospheric and immersive pop experience.

Serene and honest, there’s very few tricks Exhibitionist uses to warp her song crafting ability. Sway was co-written with fellow Melbournite LUCIANBLOMKAMP, and produced by long term collaborator Jonathan Boulet. The track is about freeing yourself to the one you love.

Sway is about feeling tangled up in someone, and wanting to fold into them completely, while futilely trying to guard your heart in the process. I wrote it in Melbourne over two days about a man I adore who has this beautiful, bright personality that sometimes makes my own flaws feel very exposed. It’s a personal reminder to be open to love, and to stop pushing against it even when things feel a bit unsteady,” explains Exhibitionist.

Stream Sway below.

Written by Jake Wilton