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Liverpool Lads LYING BSTRDS Drop Gritty New Single “Shoelaces”


While their name may not be familiar to you yet, LYING BSTRDS’ brash alt-rock tunes are quickly becoming an essential for any 2017 summer playlist. Dropping the first taste of their debut EP ‘Leeches & Seeds’ by way of Shoelaces, ‘Liverpool’s most dangerous band’ are packed to the rafters with guitar solos, massive choruses, and mosh-worthy drumming.

The best way to describe Shoelaces is INXS instrumentals meets The Black Keys vocals. With a nostalgic 80s rock intro, the alt-rock jam combines a croaky vocal style with catchy rhythms and an anthemic chorus, before a screaming guitar solo tops it all off. The follow-up to their debut single Youth & Old Age, Shoelaces provides a heavier and dirtier sound to that of its glossy pop-rock predecessor.

Instead, LYING BSTRDS delivers everything from soft pop-rock to gritty, brash alt-rock. With their debut EP only a week away, we may even see a ground shattering, breakdown filled hardcore track (hopefully not though, the Black Keys vibes are too good).

While there are no plans for an Australian tour soon the band do have plans to head to Japan in 2017, so a trip down under may not be as far off as we think!

‘Leeches & Seeds’ officially drops on New Year’s Day, but in the meantime check out Shoelaces below!


Written by Sam Muggleton