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PREMIERE: ‘Paper Weight’ Is Loose Leaf’s Most Genius Moment Yet

Loose Leaf has been nothing but impressive. With their consistent and formulative string of singles, they now appear fully formed and resolute on Paper Weight. AAA Backstage is proud to offer the exclusive premiere before its release.

Paper Weight is easily Loose Leaf’s most compelling and complex track yet. It’s filled with their finely-tuned compositions and varying rock rhythms but with that twang and twist which formally stands out. The tempo shifts from previous singles—Crowd Pleaser and Depth Perception—make a return but, here, they are pilled on with sickly sweet harmonies from frontman Rory Switzer. His voice appears unanimous with the shifting sonics. Paper Weight is a reverse pop track that retreats inwards, setting an entirely new standard.

The sonic difference that bookends the tack—the rise and fall—is super impressive and is probably Loose Leaf’s most dynamic moment yet. Switzer’s quick wit and ingenuity in crafting music is some of the best in the country. The frontman is the setpiece to the willingness of the music—his self-reliance on orchestrating a compounding idea improves with each new song. He comments how Paper Weight is the opus piece to the upcoming EP and how it’s a much more genuine track.

This song encapsulates the crossroads of approaching 30 years of age and the struggle in deciding whether to put a career aside to pursue music. ‘Paper Weight’ was finished right around the time I quit my job and decided to make a record. I became much more decisive in my songwriting, and ‘Paper Weight’ became the catalyst for the EP,” says Switzer.

Paper Weight is the third taster of Loose Leaf’s debut EP—set for release on 18 September. The band will be on tour throughout August and September with some shows in Canada—Switzer’s place of birth. Earlier this year, Loose Leaf performed at elsewhere on the Gold Coast and delivered a high-intensity and unique live set.

Loose Leaf Live Dates

Mo’s Desert Clubhouse, Gold Coast
Captain Cook Hotel, Sydney
Yah Yah’s, Melbourne

Written by Jake Wilton