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YT DiNGO is the apex of artistry. The man, the myth and the legend—also known as Travers Ross to the public—is in the middle of an ambitious trilogy of singles and videos. Thrill of the Chase, which follows on from last year’s Shipwrecked, collides music, dance and art into a plaintiff of heart and soul. Working with Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore—known for ‘Her Sound, Her Story’—YT DiNGO expresses exclusively to us just how unique and talented of an artist he truly is.

How would you describe your sound?

Like my heart vibrating your ear bones to awaken to the truths confronting humanity to step to its realness and trust. Wild passion howled to the eclipse moon from under the down under blanket to be heard, smelt and felt and then when you see it its to late to run because your hooked in and already to dance on it.

How does your new track differ from your past releases?

Different rhythms—synths, guitars are more distorted and the intro has Yidaki.

What is the hardest part of song writing for you?

Singing, rapping or screaming. What I hear in my head to sound the same but it always comes out different, which I am stoked regardless.

Can you tell us a little bit about the meaning and influence behind your new single, Thrill of the Chase?

What you get from it. To me, running from users and abusers fast and hard because you love, you so bad. This white supremacy is built for many to catch you for the thrill of it and bail. Not necessarily for what they say, but for what they are. Actions speak louder then words. The video represents something different again. YT DiNGO dives deep under the down under in the second video of the trilogy meeting who he is.

Can we expect an album soon?

Yes, but get amongst my trilogy first. It has lots involved to learn the YT DiNGO!

What drives you to create?

My heart and passion—to stand and rise up for the Dream’n through the only way I know how.

What is your go to album to listen to at the moment?

Mine, as I’m prepping it to be heard in the next few moons…

Who are some great Australian bands/artists we should be checking out?

YT DiNGO, YT DiNGO, oh and YT DiNGO. People don’t really bring what I know and I’m not inspired so much by the only shit this country knows how to play these days, many are a copy from the USA or Europe… not anyone is filling this gap where show biz is really introduced and the stage erupts with story and entertainment. Everyone in this country is another version of someone else better and truth is every reason to express yet many just want to be like the other side of the world.. YT DiNGO is his own everything. Yeah he might sound like this here or that there… But give this guy the platform and he will bring you things you cannot comprehend.

Written by John Zebra