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Ta-ku & Wafia Release Captivating Three-Part Video For ‘(m)edian’ EP


Ever wondered if you’re too deep in the internet? Ta-ku and Wafia’s latest videos for their collaborative EP ‘(m)edian’ will leave you stranded in the deep dark web, but you’ll enjoy every twisted minute of it.

Co-directed by Ta-ku himself with help from Collider’s Damon Cameron, the three-part ‘short film’ takes you on an artistically psychedelic trip. The clips for Treading Water, Meeting In The Middle, and Love Somebody flow into each other to create a timeline spilling over with interpretive dance, floating plastic bags, and an old man in a bathtub.

The first minute of Treading Water really sets the style for the other videos, featuring beautifully creepy dancing by a girl in morph suit and an old man dressed like Dobby from Harry Potter using an incredibly large hose to fill his bathtub. At the mere thought of a family gloomily sharing breakfast with a caged morph suit chick, you know you’re in for a good time.

The bizarre clips really keep you on your toes and searching for the element that string each scene together, but you have to watch part two (Meeting In The Middle) before everything begins to intertwine and expand, consuming you and pulling you deeper into the warped reality of the tracks.

By part three (Love Somebody), you’ll be questioning how you ended up here as locations from the previous two videos are replaced with swimming children. Swimming on top of chairs, pretending to dive by a bed, and putting on a show for parents, these kids create a whole new level of quirky weirdness for the clips.

But despite being a series of bizarre events, the transition from Treading Water through to swimming in Part 3 feels like a complete revolution. No, this doesn’t answer any questions for us either, but it makes sense and we’re rolling with it.

Each track’s bassy beat along with both Ta-ku and Wafia’s harmonic vocals complements the visuals beautifully and really brings the whole package together. It’s impossible to capture the depth of these clips, so you’ll have to go and consume the craziness for yourself! Watch part one, Treading Water below and click HERE for parts two and three!

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