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Take 5 With Grand Casual

Esperance based Rockers Grand Casual have dropped their new single ‘Pictures’, which we premiered exclusively just last month. Today the band have shared with us their five favourite artists from WA and why.


Scratching is the work of WA artists Grace Sanders and Ezekiel Padmanabham. Their artistic output runs bloody deep, love love love. Their ability to invoke emotion through the compositions does not cease to absolutely baffle me.

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets

In my opinion West Australia’s best export over the past ten years. Continually pushing the boundaries of what Psychedelic Rock N Roll looks like, with fantastic contrast and dynamics throughout their body of released work. Proper fun to mosh too and super nice guys all round.

Lightnin Jack

Lightnin Jack is a truly authentic West Australian Blues man, hardworking and full of character. He knows who he is and doesn’t back down, wearing his heart on his sleeve with each and every performance. A more dedicated, insane guitar player you will struggle to find

Jack Davies

Its all about song writing and lyricism with Jack Davies. His ability to paint a vivid scene through the use of word play is second to none within the current Australian Live Music Landscape. And his quirky stage persona draws the audience in forcing you to listen and take notes. 

Mal De Mer

Fantastic Indie rock out of Perth, crafting infectious tracks to just absolutely jam out to. There are so many acts vying for a position within the indie alternative world, Mal De Mer just hit absolutely right for me. Gorgeous, tight live show, stunning recorded tunes, top class.


Written by John Zebra