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We Are The Outpost Go Deeper With Rockin’ New Single “Vanity Mirror”


Their first single The Motions won hearts, ears, and awards, and now Sydney-based alt-rockers We Are The Outpost are back with their follow-up track Vanity Mirror. Like a metaphor for life, the journey to the song’s peak is just as enjoyable as the destination chorus, making for an interesting ride!

Vanity Mirror begins with hazy guitar, an eerie echo sweeping over lead vocalist Ethan Viglione’s syrupy vocals, and the intrigue of restraint is instantly in play. The band holds something back through the verses, first introducing rhythmic and melodic diversity in the bridge, but the chorus sees the track explode with soaring guitar riffs and passionate vocals. The finished product is perfect for fans of Evanescence and just about any other product of brooding alt-rock.

Vanity Mirror brings a heavy contrast to previous effort The Motions. The latter took on a gentle, easy-listening vibe, almost like a Japanese Wallpaper tune, whereas Vanity Mirror is a bold movement into a more energetic space, but thanks to the band’s comfortable, individual sound, it’s easy for fans of The Motions to find a sweet spot in the new single.

We Are The Outpost have revealed plans to release a string of singles this year in quick succession, so keep your ears open. Aussie fans will be pleased to know they are also preparing to announce their upcoming tour dates as support for Elliot The Bull and Slumberhaze. In the meantime, check out Vanity Mirror below!

Written by Jess Martyn