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Young Blood Q & A: Patrick Costello & Patrick Hameon from ‘Capre’


Brisbane electronic duo Capre are a curious couple. Drawing inspiration from Justice, Bonobo, and Kamandi, their sound is a unique blend of electronica, hip hop, and a surprising sprinkle of soul. We got to know the Patricks ahead of their set at The Triffid’s Young Bloods #2, the ‘Beats Edition’.

How did you become interested in electronic music and production? 

We both started really immersing ourselves in electronic music around 2007. Influenced by the likes of The Bloody Beetroots, Justice, old school Diplo, The Presets, and Digitalism.

Cozzie: I always loved creating random songs and sounds with any instruments, especially guitar. However, I felt like I could never get the instruments to sound exactly how I envisioned in my head. I went over to Hameon’s house three years ago and saw him using Ableton. I downloaded it myself and I think the thing that really got me interested in the production side was that you can make entire songs through listening to random electronic generated sounds. I like sampling a song and putting it backwards or chopping it up until you’ve made something completely new and your own.

Hameon: For me an electronic song has to have some sort of deep feeling or emotion to it or else it can turn to trash that pop stars sing over. As for the production it is sometimes hard to get a whole band on the same page. Electronic music allows you to output exactly what you are feeling all by yourself.

For the uninitiated, how do you describe your sound and live shows? 

We always struggle to describe our sound because we never try to play a certain style or sound a certain way, it just happens. I guess it would be electronic mixed with hip hop with some soul sprinkled over the top.

What was your first ever show like? 

We threw a party for our first show and called it a going away celebration before Hameon went to the US. We hired lights and speakers, told people we were playing and didn’t drink all night because we didn’t want to make mistakes. We were nervous as balls and we feel like it would’ve looked awkward…

How would your ultimate headline show go down?  

Hameon: It would definitely incorporate a visual aspect. We have done a few shows with our own visual show and it has been great. I think we would pay a lot of money for a lighting guy to really create a mood with a minimal but interestingly colored lighting scheme.

Cozzie: It’d be like everyone’s already hooting and hollering for us to come out and then we walk out and I strum a chord with distortion like a rock star to which our audience reacts in hysteria. We start playing straight after and there’s people everywhere just getting down, world peace is announced, and Donald Trump has to kiss every Mexican baby.

If your blood could be any colour other than crimson, what would you choose?

Hameon: White ’cause I like to party.

Cozzie: Black and white TV static but not just black and white – it literally looks like digital TV static.

What are you top 5 party anthems?

Bonobo’s Cirrus, Justice’s Phantom Pt. 2, Gramatik’s Hit That Jive, 50 Cent’s In da Club, and Hot Chocolate’s You Sexy Thing.

A Top 5 is a hard call, especially when it’s decided between two humans. We went with these because they all evoke their own style of party and you can just get down to all of them anywhere anytime.

If you could be any type of vampire, what would you be? 

Hameon: King Vamp.

Cozzie: Blades mate…

Who’s your dream artist (dead or alive) to collaborate with? 

Hameon: Bonobo

Cozzie: Jamie xx or Craig Nichols.

Lastly, what are three things people should know about your next release? 

  1. We’re playing a whole bunch of single launches in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne, so get around them!
  1. The artwork and the track go hand in hand, they both reflect on how humans react to giving and taking.
  1. We wanted to create a true mixture of electronic and hiphop music so dwell on whether or not we’ve achieved this please.

Capre will play alongside Georgia Mae and Quintessential Doll at The Triffid’s Young Blood #2 ‘Beats Editon’, event info below!

Young Blood #2 ‘Beats Edition’
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The Triffid, Brisbane

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