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Catch Xmas Feels With Jeremy Neale’s “Christmas Time (Is My Favourite Time Of The Year)”

Jeremy Neale

It’s that time of the year again, the time when musicians of every calibre consider recording a Christmas song in the hope of bringing merriment to their adoring public. After a rather quiet year, Brisbane rocker Jeremy Neale has hitched his wagon to that sleigh with his latest release Christmas Time (Is My Favourite Time Of The Year).

A classic Christmas carol with a synth edge, Neale’s release is as easy to listen to as it is to describe. After a slow start, almost like an acoustic Bieber track, a rolling rhythm jazzes things up. The contrast between acoustic and synthetic works hard to bring the track to life, Neale’s soothing vocals flowing beneath a subtle harmony, and it finishes up with a few lingering lines bordering on acapella.

Comprising a fairly basic chord structure, bright instrumentation, and easy vocal delivery, there’s not much to make it stand out from the horde of classic and original carols floating around the airwaves, but it does make the grade as one of the less irritating Christmas tunes out there – an impressive achievement in anyone’s books.

Check out Jeremy Neale’s latest track Christmas Time (Is My Favourite Time Of The Year) right HERE

If you need a refresher, a point of comparison, or a good reason to journey back to 2013, check out Neale’s previous release In Stranger Times below!


Written by Jess Martyn