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Q & A: Høt Coffee

Photo: Tatjana Hamilton

It’s been the biggest year for Gold Coast duo Høt Coffee whereas to even begin listing of their achievements would need another article all to itself. Just one of the more incredible things to band did this year was their recent “Sippin Sunday” series—a collective for four tracks over four weeks. Before the year’s out, however, they play one last show courtesy of GD FRNDS at their hometown local of Miami Shark Bar. We spoke to Mat of the group about their ambitious musical ventures, sharing the stage with Nocturnal Tapes and the possibility of even more new music.

Your recent “Sippin Sundays” series was really ambitious. How did the idea come about?

Well, we really wanted to try something different, new and creative. The thought of releasing a new track every week for a month accompanied by a live video of us playing the tracks live was something we really had not seen done before by other artists all too much, so we thought hey, why not do something cool like that. We also gave the demos to four artists who we let express the creative abilities without any restraints/requirements, we just sent them the demos and they had there way with the artwork it was super cool!

Which of the four tracks is the personal favourite?

I think our favourite of the lot would have to be Presidential Freestyle. The track sounds super tight and it is a bunch of fun to play live and really gets people moving and it all came together really quick! I (Wade) made the beat on the train ride home from University in Brisbane, then gave it to Matt later that night who really loved it and wrote lyrics for it that night. The week after we were in the studio recording the vocals and piecing together the track and the rest was history I guess.

Høt Coffee incorporates a lot of different musical genres. Where do your inspirations lie?

Matt and myself have very different tastes in music, which I guess is the reason why our music sounds so versatile and doesn’t really hit any particular genre. I have always been drawn to more electronic indie artists such as Flume, Bonobo, Kaytranada, Sam Gellaitry, Mr Carmack, George Fitzgerald, Maya Jane Coles, Justin Martin the list goes on. Whereas Matt is super into his Old School Hip-Hop/Hip-Hop and Indie Rock with artists such as J Cole, Kendrick, Mos Def, J Dilla, Jon Bellion, Kanye West and most importantly, Lil Yachty. I grew up listening to The Prodigy, Fat Boy Slim, Deep Forest and Infected Mushrooms so electronic music has kinda been around me at a young age.

You’re part of an illustrious, if not mysterious, collective on the Gold Coast, 98 Records. How is it working with them?

98 Records have been an absolute blessing to work with and alongside. Since the start of the year we have been working with 98 on all sorts from playing live shows, to promoting upcoming events and releasing new music. Without their help and the artists on board the label, I honestly don’t think we would have had half the success we have had throughout the year so big ups to the guys at 98, we love you!

You’ve performed with Nocturnal Tapes just recently. How was it sharing a stage with them?

Those boys from Yamba are seriously good and something special. To be playing alongside them at such a prestigious venue that is Elsewhere, was nothing short of a dream come true for us and something we did not see happening earlier in the year that’s for sure! The boys, Harry and Lachie, are both absolute legends and a blast to hang with both on and off stage. We can’t thank them enough for giving us the opportunity to perform alongside them and cant wait to see those boys light up the stage once again!

What can we expect from your set at GD FRNDS’ showcase?

Well, we’ve recently been working on a bunch of new tracks which we have since chucked into our live show which were super excited to play. Since roughly mid-way through the year we’ve also introduced Cal, who plays both guitar and bass for the live shows and is an absolute weapon on both. Were super excited to be playing alongside some really cool acts as well as having a boogie ourselves and meeting a bunch of new people.

Høt Coffee play GD FRNDS’ showcase alongside Nocturnal Tapes, Slowcoaching, DiskoDisco and Machine Club—Saturday 16 December at Miami Shark Bar, Gold Coast. Tickets available HERE.

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Miami Shark Bar, Gold Coast

Written by Jake Wilton