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Live Review & Gallery: Trophy Eyes w/ STUMPS, Maddy Jane & Dear Seattle @ Forum Melbourne – 20.10.2018

After releasing one of the best rock albums of 2018, Newcastle band Trophy Eyes closed their headlining Australian tour with a massive show at the Forum Melbourne on Saturday night along with a fantastic lineup of support acts.

No amount of Melbourne rain could stop fans coming out to see the show, and spirits were high despite the freezing weather. Sydney band STUMPS opened the show, and although the initial crowd was small, they delivered an energetic performance and graced the stage with a style similar to The Maine with a hint of The Smiths. STUMPS looked and sounded great, with major ’70s Britpop vibes both in their sound and physical appearance. The crowd responded well to STUMPS, giving them all the love they deserved. 

Maddy Jane was next, with a slightly larger crowd by the time she entered the stage. Wearing a stunning orange jumpsuit and with a voice that was nothing short of breathtaking, Jane certainly caught everyone’s attention. Accompanied by her band, Jane’s stage presence was captivating and she had the crowd dancing and singing along as much as they could.

The Forum was packed by the time Dear Seattle graced the stage, and the Sydney band pumped even more energy into the eager crowd. Frontman Brae Fisher urged the crowd to jump and the mosh pit came to life as they performed with maximum energy, with each member giving it their all. Dear Seattle left the crowd wanting more, which was the perfect way to end the incredible lineup of support acts.

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Right on schedule, Trophy Eyes finally took to the stage, with bassist Jeremy Winchester, guitarists Kevin Cross and Andrew ‘Pokket’ Hallet, and drummer Blake Caruso entering first. As suspension built and the instrumental to A Cotton Candy Sky played, lead vocalist John Floreani walked out before jumping straight into Lavender Bay. The crowd was absolutely wild, and Floreani’s lively stage presence continued to feed the crowd as he danced non-stop through the 18-song set.

The setlist consisted of all 12-tracks from the bands latest album, ‘The American Dream’, as well as five from their previous album, ‘Chemical Miracle’, and their standalone 2017 single, Hurt.

Towards the end of the set, Floreani picked up an acoustic guitar as the rest of the band left the stage. He encouraged people to take out their phone torches while he played Tip Toe and Symphony of Crickets. His voice was steady and stunning and the crowd swayed along.

The band was consistent, with flawless vocals from Floreani throughout the set. They seemed overjoyed to be there, even after just having finished up an American tour with Neck Deep and playing the rest of their Australian tour. Floreani mentioned multiple times that this had been the biggest headlining show they’ve played to date, and he took time to genuinely thank the crowd that had supported them for so long.

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Closing with Friday Forever, the band left the stage and the crowd begun to chant, “One more song!” We were only kept hanging for a minute or so before the lights came back on and bassist Jeremy Winchester stepped forward and said “You didn’t think we were actually done yet, did you?” The band then launched into You Can Count On Me before closing with the absolute masterpiece that is I Can Feel It Calling.

Overall, Trophy Eyes played flawlessly. Floreani’s vocals were steady and strong, even while crowd surfing. The lighting set up was beautiful and the pyrotechnics and streamers made it feel momentous. Fans were left satisfied and exhausted in the best way, and ‘The American Dream’ tour definitely went out on a bang.

Written by Sarah Schietroma

Photos by Nick Tucker