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‘Lead, Pretend’ Is A Grunge Rock Pantheon From Atticus Chimps

I don’t know about you, but grunge has been everywhere lately. And that’s certainly a good thing. Groups like Vesper Green, Honeygum and Faux Bandit have been championing the movement to roaring results. Atticus Chimp are another band to add to that growing list. Lead, Pretend, their latest, is a heavy-hitting, bleeding prometheus of ’90s punk and alt-rock.

Living on the Gold Coast—and actively being apart of it—it’s been nothing but thrilling to see Atticus Chimp rise to meteoric fame in the past few months. Though, they’ve been around much longer than that—dropping their first EP in 2016—a few lineup changes have plagued the band. Coming out of internal struggles thick and fast, the three-piece have never sounded better. Lead, Pretend is the ultimate catharsis to their sound—sharp, progressive rock swings to the scooping plateau of grunge aesthetics.

Following previous single, Bee Stung Lips, earlier this year, it seems Atticus Chimps have found a new snapshot of themselves—that of ecstatic punk-pop to a maniacal, grinding noise, all united in crudity. Lead, Pretend sways from poppier choruses to transitioning, sturdier rock moments. The grunge pantheon that permeates through their music is stronger than ever on Lead, Pretend. It’s a calibre that the band have now stepped themselves up to—looking at their former, smaller selves.

Atticus Chimp is playing two shows this August behind Lead, Pretend. Catch them in South East Queensland and stream the single below.

Atticus Chimp Live Dates

Tomcat, Brisbane
Currumbin Pub, Gold Coast

Written by Jake Wilton