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Live Review: Hey Geronimo w/ Pop Cult & Alex L’estrange @ Black Bear Lodge

Hey Geronimo w- Pop Cult @ Black Bear Lodge-16

Sydney/Brisbane collective Hey Geronimo hit up Black Bear Lodge for their last show of the ‘Crashing Into The Sun’ album tour. The night saw the Fortitude Valley venue transformed to a 2012 dance party, back when San Cisco’s Awkward was on Channel V, Julia Gillard was Prime Minister, and Hey Geronimo had just dropped their breakthrough single Carbon Affair.

Up first was the effervescent stylings of Alex L’estrange, who was joined by Sam Cromack and Dean Hanson of Ball Park Music, along with fellow Mid Ayr member Zac Moynihan. L’estrange played his unique mix of rock, folk, and pop, creating high-octane and foot stomping tracks, soaring through a relatively short set with a few technical difficulties. The infectious riffs where enough to keep the small crowd intrigued, definitely a name to keep your eye on!

Following a short break, Big Pineapple Music Festival alumni POP CULT were up next. Sounding straight out of INXS’ back catalogue, the audience began to fill the room and slowly hyped up. After dropping a set full of clean guitar riffs and wicked sampling, the Sunshine Coast 4-piece threw themselves into a cover of Len’s 90s hit Steal My Sunshine. In any true 90’s sing-along fashion the room went off with the near-full room chanting back the iconic lyrics.

Hey Geronimo w- Pop Cult @ Black Bear Lodge-27

The room fell silent as Hey Geronimo took to the stage, kicking off with their intro track Millions of Miles. As the flurry of jangly guitars built up, the group’s newest member Pluto Jonze (Vocals/Keys) led the band into Lazer Gun Show with his crazy synthesiser runs. With Pete Kilroy (Guitar/Vox) and Jonze harmonising perfectly it’s easy to see why the band has been able to keep their fans loyal since bursting onto the scene in 2012.

As the banter between the stage and the crowd grew between songs, the audience was treated to a set filled with new songs off their album such as The Girl Who Likes Me and Finale. The lads played their majorly danceable track Bake a Cake, as they danced around the small stage clapping their hands.

Hey Geronimo w- Pop Cult @ Black Bear Lodge-30

Out of nowhere, the quintet launched into their lead single from their debut album, Boredom. They turned up the gain, played harder, and jumped into a more aggressive sound. The audience jammed along, thrashing about to the massive hit as the band re-created the massive sound of the single. This led into their aforementioned breakthrough single Carbon Affair. The track had everyone up and moving, with the floor event bending underneath the tremendous amount of dancing.

The 5-piece’s live show was a site to behold, as the tight band played their infectious tunes with hints of 1960s garage rock flair. Filled with lush bass guitar riffs and heavy drum fills, Hey Geronimo’s energy on stage is simply magnificent, keeping the audience mesmerised and dancing for the entirety of their 50 minute set.

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