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MANTELL Are Indie-Rock’s New Poster Boys On ‘Can I Set It Right’

Were you as unimpressed with the new Arctic Monkeys record as we were? Give MANTELL a try—they’ll give you new found hope in the indie-rock genre with their new single, Can I Set It Right.

Kicking off with a staple of the genre—a powerfully catchy and hooky rhythm guitar line—the song unfolds off said guitar into new and exciting ways. Booming lead guitars peel off the main hook, making my ears prick up each and every time I heard something new in the mix. The song is highly enjoyable, from beginning to end, which is bookended by some killer choruses and harmonies.

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There’s been a steady stream of contemporary indie-rock innovators this year including Salibu Macey, The Empty Threats and Charlie Collins, just to name a few. MANTELL, on the other hand, hold their influences close to their heart while attempting to tread new ground.

Can I Set It Right follows on from the band’s EP of last year, ‘thirty two’, which cemented their florid take on the genre.

Stream Can I Set It Right below.

Written by Jake Wilton