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PREMIERE: It’s All About Positivity For Salibu Macey On ‘Dog Days’

Adelaide is currently a hotspot of emerging talent—from the swirling psych of The Empty Threats to the bass-slapping goodness of Neon Tetra. Salibu Macey can now be added to that equation thanks to their life-fulfilling new indie-rock jam, Dog Days.

Masters of the guitar and building to some incredible hooks, Salibu Macey is a trio who make a lot of noise and put it to good use. Their turnabout phrasing and delivery of indie-rock tropes makes for a compelling track and Dog Days is the apex to that movement.

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Embracing the dark meaning, light content of the song, Salibu Macey’s frontman, James Catford, explains the song as a moment in his life where he content and at peace, though he knew it wouldn’t last forever.

The theme of the song is to embrace the good moments in life and enjoy them and know that in dark times to persevere because those moments of light are just around the corner,” explains Catford.

The enigmatic trio are launching the single at Adelaide’s Exeter Hotel later this month. Get down and sing until your lungs give out.

Salibu Macey Live Dates

Exeter Hotel, Adelaide

Written by John Zebra