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PREMIERE: Screamfeeder Return with Charming Earworm “All Over It Again”

Screamfeeder 2016

The old saying goes ‘you can’t keep a good man (or woman) down’. Well the same is true for those great and inspirational bands, and Brisbane rockers Screamfeeder are no different and testament to determination and great musicianship.

Apart from having one of the best rock names ever conceived, the Brisbane trio were leaders in Australia’s alternative, indie, and grunge rock scene for over a decade.

Splintering from local band The Madmen in 1991, Screamfeeder has gone on to tour the world, grace numerous huge festival stages, and release six highly-acclaimed albums which spawned a plethora of iconic rock singles including Wrote You Off, High Cs, Dart, Triple Hook, and Fingers & Toes.

After more than a decade of leading Australia’s rise of indie and guitar driven rock, Tim Steward, Kellie Lloyd, and Dean Shwereb decided to “take it pretty slow” in the late 2000s to let “the energy reserves build up again”.

Late last year Screamfeeder “heard the call once again” and resurfaced with a three-track single ‘Alone In A Crowd’. Their latest single All Over It Again marks the full return of the much-loved band to Australia’s rock scene, with whispers of a brand new album to be released late in the year.

“Screamfeeder are back with a song that’s punchy, loveable, and laughs at anyone who would be tempted to call them out-dated or boring with age.”

The new song sees the trio pull back on their signature distortion-drenched guitar work in preference of a well-balanced upbeat indie-rock track. Pounding drumming from Shwereb forms a great backdrop for Steward to deliver a rockin’ combination of overdriven chords, wailing (and in parts furious) lead guitar, and energetic acoustic strumming. Lloyd’s smooth yet cutting voice takes the vocal reigns, again bucking Screamfeeder tradition, but there are still plenty of their beautiful signature vocal harmonies between Lloyd and Steward to ease the minds of long-time fans.

Musically there are definite 90s vibes (hopefully there could be a future collaboration with fellow Brisbane rockers Babaganouj?), but the final chorus’ catchy repeated lyrics “we forget to go over it again” and its indie-rock arrangement means All Over It Again should be an instant winner regardless of age.

Having spent a considerable time missing from the scene, Screamfeeder are back with a song that’s punchy, loveable, and laughs at anyone who would be tempted to call them out-dated or boring with age.

The trio were set to release a music video for the new single, but as always in live music something went a little bit wrong.

“We shot a ‘Performance Clip’ last week [in which] Kellie was convinced to sing into the camera, a rare treat these days. Then Tim’s hard drive with the footage on it CAUGHT FIRE! So that one’s on hold ’till we hear back from the data recovery people. Radio is starting to grab the song already, so we put this together for your enjoyment,” said Screamfeeder.

The Brisbane legends will be launching All Over It Again at The Zoo and performing at The Reverence Hotel’s 4th B’day party, more info and ticket links below!

Screamfeeder Single Launch Shows

The Zoo, Brisbane
The Reverence Hotel, Melbourne

Get Tickets HERE

Screamfeeder All Over It Again Single Artwork