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Milk Buttons Shift Their Sound On ‘Cosmic Garbage’

After making an incredibly large splash with their debut EP last year, Brisbane duo Milk Buttons are back again to deliver another washed out psych odyssey, Cosmic Garbage.

While the EP was an experimentation in music layering and their ability to incorporate the synthesiser and its limitless potential, this new single is an homage to alt-rock. Their experimentation, which is core to the Milk Buttons formula, hasn’t been lost entirely. The duo’s electric and comprehensive knowledge of the genre and what the guitar is capable of is immense. Therefore, the way they circumvent the blandness of most rock these days is through garish tones and complex musical structuring.

Speaking of tonality, the contrasting wave lengths of the sharpened guitars to vocalists’ Jackson Muir’s voice is succinct and in line with the whirring atmospherics. All these elements make for a satisfying and aurally pleasing listen—front-to-back. The driven passion is exuberant on Milk Buttons’ latest, and makes me excited to hear where the band will traverse in the future.

Stream Cosmic Garbage below.

Written by Jake Wilton