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Everything You Need To Know About Jungle Love Festival 2016

Jungle Love

One of South East Queensland’s best boutique music and visual arts festivals is taking place on the last weekend of November, Jungle Love Festival. Now in its third year, the camping Festival has built a solid reputation for being…well two-and-a-half days of paradise! With over 60 live music acts, mind-blowing visual art, and a picturesque creek running alongside the main stages for you to float in while drinking your BYO bevvies, it’s hard to find a better way to bring in another sweltering Aussie summer.

With so much entertainment and fun to be had we’ve broken down the most important, enjoyable, and FOMO-inducing parts of the festival, as well with few handy tips for those heading along for their first rumble in the lovely Jungle!

The Live Music

The Festival’s organisers pride themselves on showcasing the best and quirkiest live acts. 2015’s lineup featured Northeast Party House, Ayla, and The Belligerents just to name a few, and this year’s lineup is looking just as tasty!

While there are the main acts you’ve gotta check out such as The Jensens, Confidence Man, Lastlings, Mid Ayr, Pop Cult, and Sahara Beck, there’s also plenty of gems just waiting for you to discover. Between the main acts we recommend you try to catch, apart from like every act, at least a couple of the lesser-known artists.

Meredith and Aquila Young will get you moving with their epic-pop soundscapes, AUSTEN has plenty of glossy electronica for you to grooving, Clea and Malo Zima will melt your heart with upbeat alt-folk tunes, The Cairo’s frontman’s new project Zefereli with give you plenty of reasons to sway in your summer dress, and Kudos is a rapper on the rise.

If you’re after some rock, definitely catch the high-octane riffs of The Con & The Liar, the off-kilter but definitely loveable party-rock of beneb, The Halls will bring some quality ethereal rock anthems, Shag Rock are your dose of surf-rock, the rowdy dudes in White Blanks will make you jump around, and the enigmatic Twin Haus will take you to another dimension with their blend of math and psych rock. Oh, and you CAN’T miss out on one-man rave machine Omegachild…you just can’t, ok?

Also check out the Wonky Queenslander DJs, “Australia’s favourite party house on wheels”, who’ll be spinning beats and bangers pretty much as soon as you’re ready to get f*cking festive!


Just a fortnight out from the 2016 Festival even more artists have been added to the lineup, so head the the Festival’s website for the full lineup.

Jungle Love

The Festival Atmosphere

Jungle Love Festival is an inclusive community of artists, musicians, and people who just love a good time, so the main (and really sole) rule for festivalgoers are just love and respect everyone! As it’s a small BYO camping festival you’ll probably make some new friends by the time you see the bottom of your first drink, so unless you’re a hermit or a d*ckhead you’re going to have some of your best few days of 2016.

There’s a lifetime pass up for grabs as part of this year’s “Freakin’ Fabulous” fancy dress theme, so make sure you throw yourself headfirst into the community atmosphere of Jungle Love. Otherwise you’ll look like a real git being the only one not looking…well freakin’ fabulous!

Apart from remembering your fancy dress, also pack something to swim in as well as a sun-safe hat and sunscreen…last year it got pretty darn hot! The creek along the main stages is nirvana during the early afternoon.

In terms of food you’re welcome to take your whole pantry (we recommend bring a stove-burner for a decent campsite feed), but there’s also some great food and cocktail options on-site. Just remember to be patient in the lines, as most people are going to feel just hungry from partying or as hungover as you are!

Speaking of alcohol, make sure you don’t bring any glass as the Festival’s all about keeping a tidy and sustainable site. So that means plenty of tinnies and 2L bottles of ‘orange juice’ will keep both the Festival organisers happy and you with enough booze to keep a decent buzz going!

The Festival unofficial kicks off on the Thursday night with nothing less than a TREEHOUSE pre-party! All you super-keen campers are invited to raise the roof and christen the brand new Treetop Bar, with beats from 4pm and going through…well, we assume you dance until you can’t stand anymore.

The Visual Art

Art and pretty things, the thing other than music Jungle Love is known for! During the Festival they’ll be several installations pop up all around the site, so make sure you take a wonder every few hours so you don’t miss out on anything Instagram worthy.

Theatre of Thunder is one particular ‘installation’ we’re really looking forward to! They describe themselves as a “sonic-body performance ensemble”…let’s just say they do hauntingly beautiful dances. It’s a little hard to explain, here’s a pic of them at the Festival’s sister event Concrete Jungle earlier this year.


Apart from some creepy/fantastic choreography to watch there’s over a dozen visual artists to interact with and be inspired by, ranging from the feminist embroidery and paper collage of Harley & Händen to the art of live stone balancing from Justin Bucciarelli.

Now Make Sure You’ve Got A Ticket

So as you can tell we’re pretty excited about Jungle Love Festival 2016! If you’ve got tickets we’ll see you there (set times and map are below!), and if you haven’t there’s less than 100 left. Don’t be THAT person suffering from FOMO, nab yourself a ticket HERE and get ready to party in the jungle!

Jungle Love Music & Arts Festival 2016

FRI 25th NOV – SAT 26th NOV

Get Tickets HERE